Mine Clearance

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In any case, Mine Clearance is essential for units mobility and liberty to operate, essential for the forces sustainability.

Mine clearance is a multi-faceted operation that applies to a wide range of domains.
Mine clearance can be carried out by machines. Area demining requires specific machines.

Applied to C-IED, the perimeter is very wide, search, WIT, destruction of IED, neutralization. It is then carried out either by specially trained engineering units, or for the high spectrum by EOD teams with extremely fine skills.


The SDZ (Zone Demining System) is a powerful, multipurpose and efficient robot able to respond to all deminers needs. The SDZ is especially designed to clear waste areas or, in high intensity fight, to create safe lanes quickly through mine fields.

For safety, equipped with cameras and a GPS system SDZ is fully remote controlled visually or from armored or other vehicles.

Anti-tank mine resistant, the SDZ can perform all EOD tasks with its different additional tools. The SDZ can use several tools to carry out public works or explosive ordnance (rockets, shells, etc.) remove in mined areas.


Innovative concept, SMINEX supplies all the equipment for EOD teams and WIT’s of the 3 branches of the French armed forces (Army, Air Force, Navy) to carry out their missions. A Mobile Technical Shelter is used to transport and store all the equipment ; maintenance facilities are offered, as well as a workspace with a computer and printer.

It has been tested, qualified and assessed by DGA experts, to ensure absolute quality.

The personal protection equipment, such as the EOD suit, is included ; the IGUANA mine clearance robot developed by ECA can be supplied. Other supplied equipment are metal detectors, X-ray systems, etc. Military SEARCH capabilities (intermediate and advanced) have not been forgotten ; special equipment, such as caving equipment, is also provided.


The SECURICORB anti-bomb trash bin made by CEFA is designed to withstand the explosion of 500G of plastic explosive, equivalent of 2 hand grenades.

It has the appearance of an attractive, original and contemporary look and can be harmoniously integrate into any urban setting.

The anti-bomb trash bin is a solution not only for the protection of people in very busy public places (stations, shopping malls, etc..) but also for the protection of prestigious urban sites such as monuments and museums.