C-IED equipement

C-IED equipement is the supply all the equipment for EOD teams and WITs of three branches of the French armed forces (Army, Air Force, Navy).

C-IED equipement includes the qualification, supply and maintenance of all the equipment used by EOD units during different types of operational missions. C-IED equipement thus represents, for the first time and under the umbrella of a single contract, a comprehensive approach to the field of searching for, detecting, analysing and neutralising IEDs and UXO.
It concerns all the equipment and materials EOD units and WITs need to carry out their missions, and it will be tested, qualified and assessed by DGA experts, to ensure absolute quality.
The personal protection equipment, such as the EOD suit, is supplied; the IGUANE mine clearance robot has been developed by ECA. Other equipment supplied includes metal detectors, X-ray systems, etc. Military search capabilities (intermediate and advanced) have not been forgotten. Special equipment, such as caving equipment, is also provided. A Mobile Technical Shelter will be used to transport and store all the equipment. A maintenance capacity will also be offered, as well as a workspace with a computer and printer.





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