R&D / Innovation

CEFA has developed considerable expertise in the military bridging field and in Program Management with the French Ministry of Defence.

For 50 years, CEFA has been recognized as a leading industrial prime contractor on the Defence market.

CEFA has recently applied its expertise to military systems that can be used by the engineering corps for mine clearance and fitted with tools to prepare the ground for civil engineering works.

CEFA is therefore able to offer military engineers a wide range of possibilities.

Our design office works closely with production and applies the lessons learned at the manufacturing stage to future projects. This guarantees a high level of quality to our customers based on continuous improvement in the execution of our projects. Moreover, CEFA is one of the world’s leading experts in the hydrodynamic and mechanical calculations needed to design wet gap crossing systems.

The United Arab Emirates’ orders for the EFA forward crossing vehicles and technical support confirm CEFA’s international status.


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